What is immersion theater?

We are not only seeking to present a performance, but we want everyone present, performers, servers, and attendees alike, to feel that they are part of the performance. Everyone will be dressed in a medieval style, the food will be from medieval recipes, the music will be from medieval sources. Everyone contributes to the overall feeling of really being there. Click here to read more about the setting for El Cid - The Event.

What is El Cid?

The Poem of the Cid is the oldest intact Castilian epic poem. It began as an oral tradition, being passed along from minstrel to minstrel, and performed in many different contexts. It is the story of Ruy Diaz de Bivar, called El Cid, who was exiled from Castile, and began winning back the parts of Spain then under the control of the Moors. It is full of exciting battles, touching dramatic scenes, and an ironic sense of humor. Click here to find out more about El Cid.

How do I participate?

There are many ways to be part of El Cid - the Event. If you would like to participate, please contact the appropriate staff. You do not need a reservation to attend, but they are appreciated. Fees are explained on the reservation page.