Bhakail Yule Revel
December 2, 2006 - Barony of Bhakail

We welcome you to a good old-fashioned Bhakail Yule! The Barony of Bhakail is the fourth oldest barony in the East Kingdom, having been founded in September of A.S. VI (1971). In our 35th year, we are looking to commemorate all that has come before and to celebrate a bright and wondrous future. One of our hopes is to gather together memorabilia from Bhakail's illustrious past, as a display on where we have been. There will also be a special A& S Competition for the youth of our Barony.

Our site is Saint Mark's Church in Frankford, where from eleven in the morning until eleven o'clock in the evening, we will make merry with good friends, dancing, music and more. To sate your hunger, a sumptuous (and authentic) Northern European feast will be prepared by Master Huen Damebrigge of Wychwood, proprietor of (Click here for a menu and ingredient list.)
The Barony will also hold its annual competition to select the next Baronial champion of Arts and Sciences. The site is damp, and empties should be taken out with you.

A day board is included in the site fee; limited parking is available in the church lot and adjacent lots as well.


(215) 535-0635

The site is handicapped-accessible.

Site opens: 11:00 am
Site closes: 11:00 pm

Event fees

Event fees in advance:
Adults: $9
Teens 12-17: $7
Kids 4 -11: $6
0-3: Free

Event fees at the door:
Adults: $10
Teens 12-17: $8
4-11: $7
0-3: Free

Feast fee in advance:
Adults: $8
Teens 12 to 17:$7
4 to 11 : $6
0 to 3 : Free

Feast fee on site –if available:
Adult: $10
4-17: $8

Paid reservations must be sent to:

Damiana Almodóvar
mka Joy Rogers Gómez-Farrow
18 West Felton Avenue
Ridley Park, PA 19078
610-521-6701 (no phone calls after 10 PM)

There is limited seating for feast. The only reservation is a paid reservation. Deadline for reservations is 11/27/06. Make checks payable to “SCA Inc. – Barony of Bhakail”. Any cancellation must be sent to the autocrat, in writing and received by 11/27/2006.

Calogero Urso
MKA Ron Smith
4418 Walnut Street, 1r
Philadelphia, PA 19104
215-386-5604 (NO CALLS AFTER 10 PM)

Master Huen Damebrigge of Wychwood
(mka James Matterer)

Merchants: If interested in merchanting, please contact the autocrat.



Rules of this year’s competition will be posted shortly.

Feast Menu

1st Course

Bread & Butter
Salsæ goth wæghfarænd mæn (Sauce for Wayfaring Men)
Brassicas (Cabbage)

2nd Course

Fava Beans & Garlic
Fresh Berries
Honir nidrvegheth (Chickens Hunter Style)
Hwitmoos (White Mush)

3rd Course

Dilled Carrots
Braden in heren salsin (Roasts in a Sauce for Lords)
Baked Apples & Pears

4th Course

Quomode conficiuntur amigdala in pastello (How Almonds are used in a Pie)

1st Course

Bread & Butter - fresh white bread served with real butter.

Salsæ goth wæghfarænd mæn (Sauce for Wayfaring Men) - a soup of red onions & fresh parlsey made with seasoned pork broth & wine.

Ingredients: red onions, fresh parsley, pork broth (seasoned with salt, pepper, rosemary, & other herbs), & red wine (diluted with red grape juice).

Brassicas (Cabbage) - a marinated cabbage salad, made of finely chopped cabbage & green onion tops, in a dressing of herbs, flavored vinegar & oil.

Ingredients: oil (part olive oil), red wine vinegar, red wine, Worcestershire sauce, cumin, pepper, caraway seeds, green onion tops, sugar, fresh cabbage.


2nd Course

Fava Beans & Garlic - roasted fava beans & whole garlic cloves, seasoned lightly with oil & pepper.

Ingredients: fava beans, garlic cloves, oil, black pepper, & white pepper.

Fresh Berries - a variety of berries tossed with lemon & sugar.

Ingredients: berries, lemon juice, & sugar.

Honir nidrvegheth (Chickens Hunter Style)
- roast chicken served in a seasoned wine broth.

Ingredients: chicken (roasted in oil, salt, & pepper), chicken broth, garlic powder, white wine (diluted with white grape juice), salt, & beaten egg yolks.

Hwitmoos (White Mush) - a bread pudding made with milk, eggs, & cinnamon.

Ingredients: whole milk, wheat bread, eggs, saffron, butter, cinnamon, & sugar.


3rd Course

Dilled Carrots - carrots are lightly tossed with real butter & minced fresh dill.

Ingredients: carrots, butter, fresh dill.

Braden in heren salsin (Roasts in a Sauce for Lords)
- roast beef, sliced and served in a light sauce of cinnamon & other spices.

Ingredients: sauce (beef broth, cloves, nutmeg, cardamom, pepper, ginger, cinnamon, toasted white bread crumbs, cider vinegar), beef, salt.

Baked Apples & Pears - sliced apples & pears are baked with honey, ginger, & other spices.

Ingredients: apples, pears, butter, honey, ginger, white pepper, & mace.

4th Course

Quomode conficiuntur amigdala in pastello (How Almonds are used in a Pie) - almond pudding baked in small, individual tarts.

Ingredients: milk, roux (butter & flour), almond extract, sugar, pastry dough, & salt.


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