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The Barony of Bhakail is the branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism serving the greater Philadelphia area. In the SCA, we are the southernmost barony in the East Kingdom.

The SCA is an international organization dedicated to research and education about pre-1600's Europe and the countries that had contact with it. We learn about the Middle Ages by living it—making and wearing medieval clothes, cooking and eating medieval food, learning to fight with swords, shields and armor, and lots more! We encourage you to come find out more about what we do: new friends are always welcome!

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The January's Salamander is now available!

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Here's a list of upcoming events that we'll be attending as Baron and Baroness; for camping events, we welcome all to join in and camp with the Barony, if we're camping. If we're attending, too, anyone who'd like to get into retaining - either for us or to be available for retaining for Royalty - let us know! We encourage retaining; there's not a lot to learn, you get to meet some great people and you help with pageantry (and reminding people to eat and drink is useful)!
11/21/2015Musician's Day
12/12/2015Yule at the Palazzo
1/30/2016At the Sign of the Cross and Crescent
2/13/2016Schola in the Shire